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Oceanographical museum and aquarium of Monaco : illustrated guide




Oceanographical museum and aquarium of Monaco : illustrated guide


between1911 and 1930?


A comprehensive guide to the museum, including the aquarium. It sets it out the exhibits and display cases by floor and draws attention to the objects which a visitor ought particularly to notice. Exhibits are labelled in French, English, Italian and German, often illustrated by drawings. It advises a visitor to start with the cases against the walls to the right of the entrance, before proceeding to the objects in the middle of the room.
Contents: The Ground floor -- The Great Hall -- The Lecture Room -- Ground Floor. East Hall. Marine Zoology : Littoral fauna ; Fauna of the Continental slopes ; Abyssal fauna ; Bathypelagic or deep sea fauna ; Pelagic fauna ; Exhibits arranged above the show-cases ; Centre of room -- First Floor : Central Hall : East Room. Physical and instrumental oceanography ; In the centre of the room ; Flat show-cases ; The Gallery ; Nets and other tackle hanging from the ceiling : West Room on the First Floor. Applied Oceanography ; The flat show-cases ; Centre of room ; The gallery -- The Aquarium -- The Scientific staff of the Museum.
Illustrated black cover with colored paper onlay within a gold frame; title in gold within frame. Edition statement from cover.
"The English translation of the Guide ... done by Miss Naish."--Page 56.
Original held in Deakin University Library Special Collection - Special Collection Rare Books.
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[Musée océanographique de Monaco]
[Monte Carlo]


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56 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm



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Musée océanographique de Monaco and Musée océanographique de Monaco. Aquarium, “Oceanographical museum and aquarium of Monaco : illustrated guide,” Fusion: Deakin Exhibits Online, accessed March 29, 2023, https://fusion.deakin.edu.au/items/show/1649.


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