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Pictured anti clockwise: Alfred Deakin, Ivy Deakin, Stella Deakin, Sarah Deakin (Alfred Deakin's mother), Vera Deakin, Pattie Deakin (Alfred Deakin's wife), Catherine Deakin (Alfred Deakin's sister)

Alfred Deakin's daughters seated in the foreground from left to right: Lady Vera White, Lady Stella Rivett and Ivy Brookes; Professor J. La Nauze (Deakin's biographer) is the standing gentleman, second from the left; the Hon. Robert G. Menzies is…

Inscription: "[S]?arony Melbourne" -- stamped bottom right hand corner. Forms part of: Alfred Deakin Prime Ministerial Library collection. Digitized images. Photographed at: Deakin University, Geelong; in the late 1990s. Colour TIFF images at 300…
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