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This book features food related advertisements from 1913 and has chapters about healing, common ailments and what the best type of foods to eat.

"Venetian blinds have enjoyed a revival in popularity during recent years and there has been a considerable improvement in their design and much development in their efficient manufacture. There has also been a wider field of application and…

Describes the itineraries for 7, 10, 14, 21, and 28 day tours from Colombo back to Colombo; 7,14, 21, and 28 day tours from Colombo to Bombay; 7, 14, 21, and 28 day tours from Bombay back to Bombay; 7, 14, 21, and 28 day tours from Bombay back to…

Contents: Food value of citrus fruits -- Preparation of fruit -- Appetizers -- Breads. biscuits and waffles -- Jellies, marmalades and confections -- Baked oranges -- Garnishes and sauces --Select entrees and main course dishes --Sunkist salads --…

A guide for British Troops serving in Cairo including where to buy shoes, hire cars, hotels, bars and restaurants.

A report on typhoid fever in the municipality of the City of Moorabbin written by the District Health Officer in 1943.

Summarizes the results of an extensive research activity which was undertaken to assist car and truck dealers to more effectively utilize land and buildings in selling and servicing motor vehicles.

In presenting this our second published Catalogue we desire to extend grateful thanks to our numerous clientele for the liberal support accorded us in the past, and to respectfully solicit a continuance of and ever-increasing patronage for our…

A paper examining the different types of termites found in Australia including scientific illustrations, measurements and behaviour.

A comprehensive guide to the museum, including the aquarium. It sets it out the exhibits and display cases by floor and draws attention to the objects which a visitor ought particularly to notice. Exhibits are labelled in French, English, Italian and…

Catalogue includes furniture and furnishings, including floor coverings, manchester, curtains and blinds, carpet cleaners, ice chests, office furnishings, outdoor furniture, used furniture, radios, and crockery.

A book of 'home comfort' recipes including jellies, soups and lozenges.

A guide to cooking and cleaning the house including dish washing and stain removal, woodwork, and table setting.

A guide to cooking and housekeeping in 1923 including stove selection, laundry, woodwork, table settings and recipes.
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