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Light-hearted tips for new parents on feeding, bathing and changing, accompanied by humorous illustrations, poems and text.

Detailed catalogue of the Metters' pumps, wind mills and spare parts, particularly their 1909 All Steel Wind Mill. Includes testimonials on pages 32 - 50.

Catalog of bathroom, kitchen and laundry ware, most available in eleven colours, all with dimensions supplied.

Contains range of recipes, with advertising from local businesses and importers.

Promotional brochure for Electrice refrigerator Model E893, with dimensions and specifications.

Promotional brochure for the Eureka New World gas cooker.

Promotional brochure on travel to Kashmir.

Publisher's Note -- Author's Preface -- Chapter I. An Interesting Picture -- Chapter II. The Dawn of Civilisation -- Chapter III. Modern Civilisation is of Anglo-Saxon Origin -- Chapter IV. The Modernisation of Japan -- Chapter V. A Startling…

Booklet describes how to bake, boil or roast a ''Pineapple'' brand ham, with a range of recipes for ham, and other J.C. Hutton ''Pineapple'' brand products.

Preface -- Hints for young housekeepers -- Soups -- Fish -- Meat dishes -- Poultry -- Vegetables -- Sauces and salads -- Pickles and preserves -- Cakes and sweets -- Pastry and puddings -- Eggs -- Invalid cookery -- Sundries -- Beverages -- Tables --…


"This booklet does not describe our full range of designs, but displays plans of buildings most in request." -- Introduction.

A guide for bush walkers and other members of the community interested in being able to recognise eucalypts and other trees.

Catalogue of a range of structures from a two-roomed cottage to an eight-roomed residence, including a church and a gazebo. Each design includes an illustration and plan, the cost of materials and the cost when erected and painted.

A book directing how to sell Frigidaire products to the public, including door-to-door sales.

A catalogue of home electrical appliances, including toasters, stoves, curling irons, fans and irons.

A pamphlet that outlines some of the Hotpoint Hughes Electric Range ovens available, and includes an oven chart providing details of food types, their cooking times and ideal location in the oven.
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