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Promotional booklet for Ace Chewing Gum.

Contents: The little pig's ramble from home -- The little pig's tale -- The mouse and her sons.

A collection of short stories and non-fiction.

A colouring competition entry form (entries close 21st October, 1950) and advertising flyer for Paddle Bros Pty Ltd children's shoes.

For children.Original held in Deakin University Library Special Collection - Pamphlet Collection.Contact Deakin University Library for access to high quality images.

A needlework sampler with printed designs for very young children. The designs include counting, alphabet, toy and fairy tale themes. Some of the illustrations are embroidered with a running stitch in various coloured wools. Each page has a short…


Original held in Deakin University Library Special Collection - Australian Schools Textbook Collection. Contact Deakin University Library for access to high quality images.

Printed folding board game featuring cycling path from club to home; a distance of 99 miles along a sequentially numbered line labelled with setbacks and rewards.

"Issued free. 309 prizes, no entry fee. Open to children between the ages of 6 and 14""Let courtesy reign on the Queen's Highway""A contribution to the Australian Road Safety Council's campaign."Features Ginger Meggs comic strip characters. Original…
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