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Advertising material for various companies promoting personal grooming and home improvement products is interspersed with the text. Original held in Deakin University Library Special Collection - Special Collection Rare Books. Contact Deakin…

A catalogue of Christmas-related posters, calendars and other items available for advertising.

Promotional booklet for the Healing Refrigerator.

Illustrations in middle of book contain chocolate boxes with prices.

Catalogue of steel stoves and cookers, cupboards, kitchen tables and chairs, water heaters and garden equipment, with articles on kitchen and garden planning, with monthly garden notes.

A guide to cooking and housekeeping in 1923 including stove selection, laundry, woodwork, table settings and recipes.

A guide to cooking and cleaning the house including dish washing and stain removal, woodwork, and table setting.

Catalogue includes furniture and furnishings, including floor coverings, manchester, curtains and blinds, carpet cleaners, ice chests, office furnishings, outdoor furniture, used furniture, radios, and crockery.

"Venetian blinds have enjoyed a revival in popularity during recent years and there has been a considerable improvement in their design and much development in their efficient manufacture. There has also been a wider field of application and…

A sheet describing General Electric's Premier vacuum cleaners and how they can be used, in the home and elsewhere.

A pamphlet that outlines some of the Hotpoint Hughes Electric Range ovens available, and includes an oven chart providing details of food types, their cooking times and ideal location in the oven.

A catalogue of home electrical appliances, including toasters, stoves, curling irons, fans and irons.

A book directing how to sell Frigidaire products to the public, including door-to-door sales.

Promotional brochure for Electrice refrigerator Model E893, with dimensions and specifications.
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