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Needleworking was introduced at Prahran Technical School in 1916 . An article in the Prahran Telegraph notes Miss B. Blackmore, a lecturer from Moorefields College, London, and an Inspector under the University of London came to Prahran Technical…

An electroplating machine was an important purchase. The Argus from 17 December, 1925 notes the purchase of a silver plating plant enabled students to be trained in all grades of decorative metalwork. 'This department has been particularly successful…

Metalworking was introduced in 1916. A school report from 1929 notes 'The schools good relations with local firms led to many boys being placed in employment with first class firms'

The artist painting this mural is likely to be Frank Carter, a long serving instructor in art who was also enrolled as a student. Other staff enrolled as students included Henry Higgins the cleaner who studied metalwork, Roy Field a part time…
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