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"The present volume deals with one hundred of the commonest plants found in the South Coast District, and it is divided into five sections:- (a) Wildflowers, (b)Weeds, (c)Grasses, (d)Garden Plants and (e)Trees. It is written in very simple language,…

The thirty-one Lesson readings cover British history and colonisation, great navigators, and Western Australian explorers, exploration, expansion and biography.

"The essays included in this book are intended to present, in small compass, a view of the aims the Education Department has had before it, and the work it has striven to accomplish, during the last few years." -- preface.

"In my Geography for Third Class in this series of text books I stated:- " This book has been written for the use of Australian boys and girls. Whilst there has been no attempt to collect a large mass of facts, there has been an effort to select…
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