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The "Reso" Party -- Bethanga Bridge, Hume Reservoir, Albury -- Hume Weir, Albury -- Albury from the war memorial -- The Albury war memorial --Travelling sheep, Rutherglen -- A typical wine cellar, Rutherglen -- Rams on Mr. Tyrell's property,…

Panel title."5407-38 ; Victorian Railways Print ; September 1938"Includes text, illustration, legend and index."Consult Victorian Government Tourist Bureau for travel by rail-road-sea or air""Consult Victorian Government Tourist Bureau for trips and…

Promotes a train journey to an unknown destination, to be followed by an easy 14 mile hike.

Tourist map of Apollo Bay.Inset: Apollo Bay. Advertisement on verso. Relief shown by hachures. \Victorian Railways Print 3205-46\" -- on back. Issued by the Victorian Railways Commissioners in conjunction with the Apollo Bay Traders' Association.…
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