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Albers Flower Farm 1.JPG
Images of Albers Flower Farm, the site that was to become Burwood State College. From the 1930's, the farm grew jonquils and daffodils

front gate grayscale.jpg
The original gate to Burwood Teachers' College - a far cry from today's well-signposted entrances on Burwood Highway!

new college in progress1.jpg
Photographs documenting the construction of the first buildings at Burwood

Classes for returned soldiers began at the school on 1918 as part of the Commonwealth and State Governments repatriation schemes. Many suffered physical and psychological damage. The principal's report of 1919 expresses concern for these students of…

An exhibition of a furnished bedroom. Includes chest of drawers in the Georgian revival style popular at the time.

Chest of drawers in the Georgian revival style popular at the time. Appears in exhibition of furnished bedroom

Exhibitions and displays such as this were typically held at the Prahran Town Hall. In 1949 the exhibition of student's work was abandoned on account of poliomagelitis.
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