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A pamphlet outlining some of the tourist outings that were available around Suva. Includes contact information for vessels sailing to Suva.

Provides description of the uses and production of architectural terra cotta in building facades, together with illustrations of buildings in Sydney and Melbourne where it has been used.

Provides description of the manufacture, specifications and use of ceramic veneer in building facades in Sydney and Melbourne.

Testimonies are dated from 1902 to 1915, and refer to civic and secular buildings and theatres in Australia and New Zealand. Includes performer testimonies from Nellie Melba, Muriel Creek, Ada Crossley, Alexander Cooper and William A. Robyns.

A comprehensive information booklet on Burnie, Tasmania. Topics include amenities, dairying, paper manufacture from eucalypts, potato industry, proposed port development, the Australian Titan Products Pty. Ltd. among others.

Contents: National Park, Tasmania -- Train service to National Park -- Flora of the National Park / by L. Rodway.... Government Botanist -- Winter sports -- Week-ends at National Park -- An outline note on the fauna of the National Park of Tasmania /…

This pamphlet from 1923 illustrates the history of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the City Railway including the financial considerations, structural features, population and traffic growth.

A pamphlet about water conservation and irrigation in rural NSW from 1943.

A science bulletin from 1915 detailing the history, characteristics and species of March Fly in Australia.

A booklet to promote tourism and travel in Australia. Apart from general information relating to passports, entry, permanent residence, health examinations etc., it also deals with sport and relaxation, cost of living, transport and other similar…

Promotes Chamberlain Products (including Sloan's Liniment) in addition to various beauty tips.

Each page has an example of a telegram and the greetings you could send for that occasion including information that it would show such as Office of Origin, Words, Time Lodged, and Number (No.). For each type of telegram the number changes, Social…

Promotional booklet for Ace Chewing Gum.

"When Cadbury Brothers moved their factory from Birmingham, in 1879, what is now known as Bournville had no existence. A few cottages were built near to the newly erected works, but the surrounding district retained its rural character. It was in…

Edition limited to 500 copies. Presentation copy - signed by Arthur Woodward's daughter, Isola.

"In this book, recipes are given for the use of oranges at every meal of the day. There are salads and desserts for the busy housewife, who wishes to serve her family with the best possible food at the smallest expenditure of time and money. There…

A catalogue detailing the items that N.L Rigg can supply. It includes detailed information on ordering and delivery options. Items they supply include doors, joinery, netting, stoves, basins, wire and paint to name but a few.
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