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"This address was delivered at the opening of the session of the Theological Hall in Ormond College. At the request of a number of those who heard it, it is now re-printed, in the hope that the wider public it may reach may be helped to some adequate…

Full title: The hot-house and greenhouse manual, or, Botanical cultivator : giving full instructions for the management and propagation of the plants cultivated in the hot-houses, greenhouses, conservatories, shrubberies, plantations, and borders, in…

Book is written in an animated fictional narrative exchange between the narrator Babington (Babbs) and a visiting English Botanist called Banks. They explore and discuss the varities of landscape and plants.

Preface -- Description of embossed cover -- Method of using the system -- The herbarium -- A few useful hints -- Glossary -- Signs -- Table of abbreviations -- Authorities for specific names -- Corrections -- Primary divisions -- Natural Orders --…

Men and their government -- The answer of the economic expert - full employment -- The methods of full employment -- The "Manpower budget" -- Social services instead of social justice -- The real cost of social services -- Their motives are good --…

Victoria for Variety - in this descriptive epigram is packed a wealth of interests to the tourist. A pamphlet that includes a number of photographs showing places, animals and activities that can be found in Victoria.

Panel title."5407-38 ; Victorian Railways Print ; September 1938"Includes text, illustration, legend and index."Consult Victorian Government Tourist Bureau for travel by rail-road-sea or air""Consult Victorian Government Tourist Bureau for trips and…

A map of Melbourne, including descriptions of short trips that could be taken by tourists using a hire car provided by the Pioneer Tourist Bureau.

A pamphlet describing some of the day trips that the City Motor Service offer around Melbourne. The description includes what can be seen, the distance, time to leave and cost of the tour based on 4 passengers. It includes some special tours that…

Collection of poetry, together with essay titled "The sins of nations and (1) the errors of the age: [Published originally in pamphlet form, in April, 1914]", and addressed "To the Ministers of the Church of God in Australia, pages 59-64, with a poem…

"This booklet explains why the Commonwealth has launched the King George V and Queen Mary Maternity and and Infant Welfare Jubilee Memorial Fund Appeal. Wishing to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of Their Majesties the Commonwealth sought a fitting…

Booklet is chiefly illustrations of the attractions in the park, accompanied by extensive advertising by Melbourne businesses.

An elementary book on Australian trees that has been desired and repeatedly ask for. Allows for the start of a simple study, including means of descriptions easily understood, leading to a desire for more intense study. Also serves as an easy guide…

Detailed informational brochure describing life aboard P&O's fleet of nine steamers travelling between England and Australia, including accommodation, menus, baggage, dogs, children, route and map.

Promotional pamphlet providing recipes and information about the value of honey, especially for children.

Promotional material for a casement sash window that allows the window to swing and reverse, aiding cleaning and ventilation. Includes design specifications and simplified installation instructions.
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