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Town Planning is born

The conclusion of the Second Australian Town Planning Conference signifies an important step in pushing town planning beyond the confines of those people interested in the field, and into the wider community.  A number of significant Resolutions were passed around matters including: formalising soldier settlement policy, approving town planning for the city of Darra, proceeding with the Canberra plan, the proposed introduction of town planning courses to Australian universities, and confirming a Town Planning Minister for NSW. 

Of great significance was the resolution passed that state governments were urged to take steps to enact Town Planning legislation.  Throughout the 1920's Australian states created Town Planning Commissions and subsequently Town Planning and Development Acts came into effect across the country.  As a consequence town planning in Australia was not only born, but legitimised as an accepted and necessary part of urban and regional development.

Images courtesy of Essential but unplanned: the story of Melbourne's lanes, Weston Bate, 1994.