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A plant for every purpose, a champion for every plant

Nindethana Nursery was established by George William Francis Althofer (1903-1993) at his home in the Burrill Valley, Dripstone New South Wales, in 1932. Nindethana means ‘ours’ referring to the origins of the Australian native plants the nursery cultivated. The name was chosen to ‘reign amongst’1 the neighbouring townships of Burrendong, Wuuluman, and Morungulan.  Althofer was a botanist, nurseryman, author, poet, and champion for the preservation of Australian flora.

The Catalogue 1941 Australian native plants – a plant for every purpose has been fully digitalised by The Alfred Deakin Prime Ministerial Library. The catalogue has general advice and pricing on the inside cover, and delivery, conservation, and bush fire prevention advice inside the back cover.  A list of plants available for purchase with a short explanation of their features and use, span sixteen pages within.

The story of Nindethana - a new and enlarged catalogue of Australian native plants is part of the Special Collections of ADPML.

Step inside, to the beautiful, endangered, and articulate world of GW Althofer.



Michelle Sadler, Student Intern