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Burwood Teacher's College foundation years


Burwood Teacher's College foundation years




Images associated with the foundation of Burwood Teachers' College, including information about Foundation year students and staff. The collection also includes images from the reunion held at Deakin University's Corporate Centre at Burwood on 26th October, 2016.


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Items in the Burwood Teacher's College foundation years collection

Albers Flower Farm
Images of Albers Flower Farm, the site that was to become Burwood State College. From the 1930's, the farm grew jonquils and daffodils

Intercollege swimming carnival
Burwood Teachers' College students cheer "Come On Burwood!" at the Intercollege Swimming Carnival, hosted by Toorak Teachers' College at the Olympic Pool in March, 1955.Despite the spectators' enthusiasm (and remarkable hats), Burwood came fourth,…

A sound beginning: the foundation year of Burwood Teachers' College
A account of the early years of Burwood Teachers' College (1954-1955), written by one of the Foundation Year student alumni

Burwood Teachers' College blazer
The blazer designed for the Burwood Teachers' College foundation year students, and manufactured by the Myer Emporium Ltd. Also included in this item is a close-up of the blazer's label on the inside lapel, and a letter from Myer's Joint Managing…

Burwood State College construction
Photographs documenting the construction of the first buildings at Burwood

The first Principal of Burwood Teachers' College, Don Waller (1954 - 1961)

Burwood Teachers' College foundation year reunion
Photos of attendees at the reunion of Burwood Teacher's College foundation year alumni, including Max Dimmack, one of the original teaching staff, and Brenda Cherednichenko, Executive Dean (Faculty of Arts and Education)

Burwood Teachers' College front gate
The original gate to Burwood Teachers' College - a far cry from today's well-signposted entrances on Burwood Highway!

Burwood Teachers' College staff and students
A group photograph of the foundation year staff and students outside Oxford Hall, Box Hill. Classes were held at Oxford Hall until the buildings were completed on Burwood Road

The anthem was sung with gusto at all College related events. The words, penned by Victor Fitcher and based on the College motto "Animum Cultum Parabo" ("I shall lay the foundation of a well trained mind") were as follows: Animum Cultum Parabo,…

Burwood Teachers College assembly
Staff and students gather in the newly-opened Assembly Hall at Burwood Teachers' College

Burwood Teachers' College emblem sketches
Early sketches used for the design of the Burwood Teachers' College emblem