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Travel and tourism


Travel and tourism


This collection of travel-themed material mostly covers the Pacific and Australian regions, and includes tourist brochures and travel guides.


Australia and the Pacific

Items in the Travel and tourism collection

The seaside calls
Victorian seaside tourist brochure, 1937."700 miles of sunshine : Victoria's golden beaches"--Back cover. "November 1937"--p. 16. Original held in Deakin University Library Special Collection - Pamphlet Collection. Contact Deakin University Library…

Picturesque travel No. 3, 1913
Original held in Deakin University Library Special Collection. Contact Deakin University Library for access to high quality images.

Victoria for variety
Victoria for Variety - in this descriptive epigram is packed a wealth of interests to the tourist. A pamphlet that includes a number of photographs showing places, animals and activities that can be found in Victoria.

Map of Melbourne and suburbs
Panel title."5407-38 ; Victorian Railways Print ; September 1938"Includes text, illustration, legend and index."Consult Victorian Government Tourist Bureau for travel by rail-road-sea or air""Consult Victorian Government Tourist Bureau for trips and…

See beautiful Melbourne : short tours by car with Pioneer
A map of Melbourne, including descriptions of short trips that could be taken by tourists using a hire car provided by the Pioneer Tourist Bureau.

Sightseeing by motor : de luxe saloon service
A pamphlet describing some of the day trips that the City Motor Service offer around Melbourne. The description includes what can be seen, the distance, time to leave and cost of the tour based on 4 passengers. It includes some special tours that…

Souvenirs d'une Parisienne aux Antipodes
A collection of writings, in French, by Madame Niau describing her experiences in the siege of Paris, and subsequent travels to the Antipodes. The Preface, by Peter Murphy of the Teacher's Training College at University Sydney, recommends the…

Melbourne and suburbs, Victoria Australia
Tourist map of Melbourne and suburbs, with train and tram information.

Princes Court Melbourne : Season 1904-5
Booklet is chiefly illustrations of the attractions in the park, accompanied by extensive advertising by Melbourne businesses.

P. & O. via the Cape service (one class only) to London via the Cape of Good Hope : handbook of information: passengers booked to Durban, Capetown, Las Palmas and London
Detailed informational brochure describing life aboard P&O's fleet of nine steamers travelling between England and Australia, including accommodation, menus, baggage, dogs, children, route and map.

Brisbane, Australia's sunshine city : a souvenir ... to commemorate the visit to Brisbane of His Royal Highness the Duke of Gloucester, December 1934
The guide provides the royal itinerary, and is chiefly illustrated with before and after views of Brisbane, and significant buildings and sites, interspersed with full page advertising by local businesses.

Promotional brochure on travel to Kashmir.

A Pictorial and descriptive guide to London and the British Empire exhibition, 1924 : with plan of the exhibition
Maps and plans -- The British Empire Exhibition 1924 -- Introduction -- Hotels and tariffs -- Restaurants -- Preliminary information -- Seeing London -- The Railways of London -- Theatres and music halls -- Sports and Games -- Historical sketch --…

One class to England via Suez : the whole ship is yours
Original held in Deakin University Library Special Collection - Pamphlet Collection.Contact Deakin University Library for access to high quality images.

Visitors' guide to Perth and suburbs : 1938-39 issue
Comprehensive tourist guide to Perth, with numerous black and white photographs, and some advertising by the Bureau for car and coach tours.

A pamphlet outlining some of the tourist outings that were available around Suva. Includes contact information for vessels sailing to Suva.

Tasmania's National Park (38,500 acres)
Contents: National Park, Tasmania -- Train service to National Park -- Flora of the National Park / by L. Rodway.... Government Botanist -- Winter sports -- Week-ends at National Park -- An outline note on the fauna of the National Park of Tasmania /…

Australian travel
A booklet to promote tourism and travel in Australia. Apart from general information relating to passports, entry, permanent residence, health examinations etc., it also deals with sport and relaxation, cost of living, transport and other similar…

Tours in India for passengers travelling between Australia & Europe : some suggestions for a break of journey at Colombo or Bombay
Describes the itineraries for 7, 10, 14, 21, and 28 day tours from Colombo back to Colombo; 7,14, 21, and 28 day tours from Colombo to Bombay; 7, 14, 21, and 28 day tours from Bombay back to Bombay; 7, 14, 21, and 28 day tours from Bombay back to…

New South Wales : the land of sunshine and opportunity : a handbook of information for investors, traders, tourists
A handbook of information for investors, traders and tourists and others into the state of NSW.