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Welcome to our royal visitors

Features the flags of Australia and the United Kingdom with the shield of the Royal coat of arms of the United Kingdom in between ... More information

Picturesque travel No. 3, 1913

"The magnificent city of Melbourne, second only to Sydney in population is a city of which Australians always speak with pride. It is splendidly laid out, beautifully flanked with parl-lands and garden-spaces, and contains among other notable buildings, the finest Parliament House in Australia. The present population of Melbourne and suburbs is about 700,000, and though it has behind it a territory only one-fourth the area of New South Wales, its resources are imposing, and its shipping and manufactures almost rival those of Sydney." ... More information

Cottee's children's party book : for fun and fare

"We're having a children's party! There is magic in the very words ... the crackle of paper wrappings, the red and blue and yellow of balloons, the shine of birthday candles round a cake. But, underneath the glitter and excitement, the children's party has a deeper significant, too. In many respects it is a first step towards social adjustment - an adventure into the give-and-take of happy human relationships. A part is the most natural place in the world to learn the difficult lesson of becoming what other children call a good sport." ... More information

A description of several new species of Insects collected in New Holland by Robert Brown

"The infinite host of non-descript insections occurring in the entomological cabinets of this country, is rather disgraceful to us; and what is more so, we permit foreigners to do that for us which we are fully competent to do ourselves. Witness the numbers described by Fabricius, Olivier, and others from British collections. I am not, however, so illiberal as to wish that the entomologists of the continent should be excluded from our cabinets: if we ourselves are too idle, or too busy, to give the public some account of our entomological treasures, it is for the interest of science that they should do it for us." ... More information

Souvenir of the proclamation of the Australian Commonwealth, January 1st, 1901

"In submitting this little work to the public of New South Wales the publishers have endeavoured to make it as complete and comprehensive a SOUVENIR of the great event of January 1st, 1901, as possible. Within its cover will be found articles from the Hon. Edmund Barton, the acknowledged Federal Leader of Australia; Mr Russell French, General Manager of the Bank of New South Wales; Mr Richard Teece, Manager of the A.M.P. Society; and Mr Donald Cormack, one of the delegates to the Bathurst Federal Convention. All these gentlemen write on subjects on which they are particularly qualified to express an opinion, and it is trusted that these articles will be found of special interest to readers at the present time." ... More information

Commonwealth Savings Bank funny fables colouring book

"In the days when bower-birds had ordinary nests and lived just like other birds, there was a bower-bird named Belinda. Belinda thought they lived a rather drab, uninteresting life so she decided to do something about it. She started to save things — all sorts of things, such as bright pieces of glass, coins that had been lost by careless people,white pieces of bone, bright feathers from some of the other birds, pretty shells, and even coloured berries from some of the bushes and trees. So Belinda set to work making a beautiful bower or house for herself. She made it of sticks and decorated the sticks with the bright things she found and saved. When she had used all these things the house was quite beautiful, but Belinda was still not satisfied." ... More information