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Photographic works


Photographic works


This collection contains a series of works, all of which use real photographs for illustrations.


Photographic collections

Items in the Photographic works Collection

Views of the city of Melbourne
Consists of 1 map of Melbourne dated 1870, and 7 photographs "from the tower of Dr. Fitzgerald's residence Lonsdale Street West." "Photographed for presentation to the Offices of H.M. Flying Squadron by order of the Honorable James Mc Kean.…

Views in Australia
Lithographs have the following titles: Agnes River, Corner Inlet, Gipps Land -- West side of Mt Arapiles -- Mitchell River -- Mt. Munda from St. Hubert, Yering -- McAlister Valley, Gipps Land -- Wentworth River

Australian railways developmental tours : tour no. 7 : Victoria, April 28 to May 5, 1938
The "Reso" Party -- Bethanga Bridge, Hume Reservoir, Albury -- Hume Weir, Albury -- Albury from the war memorial -- The Albury war memorial --Travelling sheep, Rutherglen -- A typical wine cellar, Rutherglen -- Rams on Mr. Tyrell's property,…

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